The Game



The game is Lockout.
The outcome is artist project management.
The cost is $110 per month.
Everyone in your band must play together.


How to play

Step 1: Briefing
Step 2: Assignment
Step 3: Complete Mission
Step 4: Repeat


Rule 1: We make the rules.
Other Rules:

Briefings: You get to schedule the briefings. Only one member of your band is required to attend, but all are welcomed. If you miss one briefing, you are fined $1 to all other players currently in the game, and $5 to Bandturo. Each missed briefing adds $1 to the next per player fine, but fine to Bandturo for any missed briefing will always remain the same.
For example, your third missed/rescheduled briefing with 2 other people currently playing the Bandturo game would be $3 to every other player currently in the game, and $5 to Bandturo for a total of ($6($3x2players) + $5 =) $11.


Assignments: Together at each briefing, we will have fun, discuss goals, change what's best, and start nailing down your future. We may even connect you with a few great people.

By the end of each briefing, there will be an assignment from us that you must complete by a deadline.

You get to schedule deadlines. If you miss your deadline, you are out of the game. No refunds.

Some assignments will be challenging. Some assignments will be boring. The Bandturo Game Lockout is developed to address that.

Rewards & Bounties

Bandturo Game Badges


Rewards come in the form of Bandturo Badges you can display anywhere, and link them back to our company to show off your accomplishments.

For example, if you last an entire 1 year season of the Bandturo Game you earn our special 1-year badge. Each year after you earn your stripes.

There are other badges for special skills and placements, and our marketplace will display top performers for other people in the industry to connect with.

For example, the gamer we see improve their income the most will earn a High Score badge. Grow your TikTok Audience engagement in a meaningful way, get a badge for that.

The Bandturo Game rewards and the badges that display them are useful for communicating your skillset, experience, and risk adversity to other doers in the industry.

And if we ever turn into a marketplace for the industry to trade skills for skills and money, you'll be glad you have some badges already earned in there on display.


Bounties are different. Bounties are special missions, or side quests, that may or may not have an income potential for you. Often, it may be a clout mission or a revenge mission on a racist bar owner that has their small town by a stranglehold since he owns the only spot in town that allows music.

Nothing unethical, illegal, or distasteful. Just pushing our ethos of helping the good people out here get what they should, and move the control into the hands of the artists that deserve it.

All Bounties completed are published as a paid ad for your current project through our platforms.

You may add cash to any bounty, increasing the impressions of your accomplishment by 1,000 per $5. You have 24 hours from date of secured bounty to add funds before publication.

Standard Equipment

All Bandturo Gamers are issued standard equipment to assist with their missions:

  • Unlimited, 24-hour turnaround graphic design powered by AI
  • 2,000+ gig booking contacts and annual email blast
  • Unlimited content sharing through our partner platforms
  • First avails for Bandturo Annual Festival
  • Featured interviews and random perks in the style we have been known for over the last 10+ years