Grammy nominees lurk our Discord. Our CRM manages thousands of dollars in billings per month. Our graphic design turnover is lightning quick for last minute gigs. Our "X Factor" watches from the shadows. Are you in good company?

Artist Career Development Bandturo

The Discord

We call it the "Backline Bar" or the "Support Bar." Looking for a certain type of music in a certain city for a certain type of event on a certain date? Need backline equipment to make an important one-off gig across the country work? Get first in line for all this, plus the random opportunities that people send to you through us.


Your excuses go here to die. Load a sheet with contacts and use it as a CRM. Punch in the dates real quick for an automatically updated calendar. Get automatically populated promotion checklists and organization budgeting in real time. Email the whole team automatically when events get "Confirmed." Everyone and everything can finally be in one place.

Ticket Links, Social, & Merchandise

Control your own ticket link, event pages, social media, and payouts by having another person do it better. Unlimited for all members. All payouts initiated within 24 hours. Want to sell more merch but don't have the time or budget? We'll sell it all for you in our store and promote it through all our platforms. Your website's already out of date--go look.



Five Dollar Flyers


  • Access to Bandturo Discord
  • Automatic Managed Calendar
  • Automatic Promotion Checklist
  • Automatic Budgeting
  • 2,000 Most Active and Responsive Talent Buyers in the USA
  • Unlimited Graphic Design
  • Performance Agreement Generator
  • Unlimited, Free Music Promo Through our 10+ channels
  • Ticket Link & Event Setup for Every Gig (5% Processing)
  • Unlimited, On-Demand, Drop-shipping Merch Design, sales, and Fulfillment (10% Processing)
  • 50% off Bandturo Annual Conference General Admission