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Our artist development package is now a free course.

We are always doing everything so we can keep you up to date. As things change, you will, too. Come let us trick you into enjoying the process, the journey. You will be among talent buyers, jazz bands, punk promoters, small town producers, booking agencies, and everything in-between. The ones that take themselves seriously.

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All our programs, products, and services are designed to deliver more value than you pay for. And they do. The bottom line is that we are the best system for booking new and up-and-coming independent artists. We are not a booking agency. There are no contracts unless you choose. There is no other label, service, or agent in the United States that does what we do for independent artists. We do not guarantee a particular amount of gigs or pay. There are too many uncertain factors (how good your music is, your web presence, your experience level, the availability of target dates in target cities, etc.) to fill your head with pies in the sky. We do guarantee that we are the best service to help artists develop their business. Our customers can convince you how valuable our packages are. Sign up today for the best results. We use the most trusted name on the internet to accept payments.

Tour Ready Checklist


Complete our Tour Ready Checklist on Google Forms to see where you stand in your music endeavors and get contacted by one of our booking professionals. It takes about three minutes.

Some basic facts: 1) For convenience and safety, all our routing has an average daily drive time of less than 8 hours between gigs (usually avg. of less than 6 hrs, we shoot for 2-4).

2) Since 2016, our tour gig fill average was about 9.95/10 dates per tour for artists with zero touring experience.

3) We've had far more non-paying customers than paying ones--it's fine. Don't hesitate to reach out for help or guidance.