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All our programs are designed to deliver more value than you pay for. And they do. The bottom line is that we are the best system for booking new and up-and-coming independent artists. We are not a booking agency. There are no contracts unless you choose. There is no other label, service, or agent in the Unites States that does what we do for independent artists. We do not guarantee a particular amount of gigs or pay. There are too many uncertain factors (how good your music is, your web presence, your experience level, the availability of target dates in target cities, etc.) to fill your head with pies in the sky. We do guarantee that we are the best service to help artists develop their business. Our customers can convince you how valuable our packages are. Sign up today for best results. We use the most trusted name on the internet to accept payments.


Artists billing $40,000+ annually should email for agency referrals.


Some basic facts: 1) For convenience and safety, all our routing has an average daily drive time of less than 8 hours between gigs (usually avg. of less than 6 hrs, we shoot for 2-4). 2) Our 2016 tour gig fill average was about 9/10 dates per tour for artists with zero touring experience. 2017 we haven't checked yet and probably won't because we've been pretty slammed. 3) We've had 250+ paying customers since July 2016, and many more that weren't paying customers, so don't hesitate to reach out for help or guidance.

Tour Ready Checklist

Complete our Tour Ready Checklist on Google Forms to see where you stand in your music endeavors and get contacted by one of our booking professionals. It takes about three minutes.

Tour Ready Checklist


Booking Agent Packages

Record Label Services for Independent Artists and Musicians

  • Regional Tour Package

  • $99|$20/gig

  • $99 Setup; Pay For Only What You Get
    Limited time

  • You advance us the setup costs and we build you a sharp little system for booking your gigs. You get professionally designed emails to talent buyers, Bandturo email account, and unlimited email blasts to unlimited US markets/states. Log into your Bandturo email account and finish the booking process with talent buyers interested in booking you. Some other behind the scenes stuff comes with it too, but that's what the list below is for. Great for first tours. Great for new acts. Great for building up your fanbase.


  • Includes

    Manager Mentor
    Bandturo Booking Email Account
    Optional DIYT™ Account (no cost)
    Unlimited Booking Email Blasts
    Over 2,000+ Booking Email Contacts
    Extra Booking Contacts By Request
    Optional Phone Calls (paid)
    Email Reminders To Follow-up

  • Artist Development Package

  • $149/mo

  • 12 Months

  • You should be making at least $300+ per gig. You need income streams. You should be seeing the country. A full time inexperienced assistant alone for one month would cost $1,600 if you only paid them $10/hr. Here you get a team of experienced professionals all year. Are you starting to see the value yet? This is not those fake "press kit" companies that don't work.

  • Includes

    Professional Website
    .com Domain
    Professionally Branded Email
    Perpetual Email Marketing Campaign Setup
    Fan Funnel Optimization
    Sales Funnel Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization
    Shopify Store
    DIYT Press: Project Review
    Bandturo Regional Tour Package: 50% Off
    DIYT Podcast: Featured Artist
    Artist Management Mentor
    Professional Optimized Booking Email Template
    Professional One Sheet
    On-demand Merchandise System
    Professional Poster Design
    Simple Merch Line Design
    Mfg-Dist.-Web Integration
    Gig & Tour Booking Management
    Booking Network Management

    112.5-525.5 Hrs


    Bandturo Artist Development Package Rundown

  • Get Started for Bandturo Artist Development Package sign-up takes you to sister company DIYT site to complete transaction.

    (Do not be alarmed. It's still us.)

  • AdTuro

  • $20/week

  • Billed Quarterly ($240+tax)

  • How much do you spend on coffee every week? What about drugs? Pitch $20 each week into building your career and we'll send you fans that buy stuff. Setup is free including targetin and creative. We'll send new fans actually interested in your music to your social pages and website every day. This is automatically billed every three months so you don't have to worry about logging in and making a payment every week just to keep your campaigns running.

  • Includes

    Target Research & Deployment Demographic Research & Deployment Budget Optimization 2,000+ Impression Targeted Paid Advertisements Every Month



  • $199

  • 100+ Firms

  • You think you are ready for the next big step in your career. You are ready to pitch to labels, publishing houses, A&Rs, and film, video game, and television music supervisors. Sign up, fill out our form, and let us wrap into a nice little professional package with a bow and send it out to small and big music purchasing and signing firms like Warner Bros and Netflix.

  • Includes

    Bandturo email account
    40+ Music Supervisors
    30+ Publishing Houses
    20+ A&Rs
    20+ Record Labels
    50+ Music Blogs


  • Booking Agent Package

  • $120/mo

  • Includes booking assistant & manager

  • Our newest offering and one we think will change a lot for our customers, this is a booking package that includes tour booking support and management. Be your own booking agent except take out a lot of the grunt work and save hours upon hour per month. We send emails, respond to bookers, negotiate deals, and show you what you need to be doing to help make your tours as successful as possible. And yes you can use this for local booking only if you're not touring right now.

    You'll still need to pitch in every week or so, but we'll make sure you're doing things that matter and are a better point of contact for our reference. This service is like if you had gum stuck in your hair and we help you get it out.

  • Includes

    1-2 Hours Booking Services per week
    Booking Assistant
    Booking Manager
    Remote band manager
    Professional Optimized Booking Email Template
    Booking emails to our network
    Professionally Branded Email
    Routing & Rerouting
    Phone calls & Follow-ups
    Facebook networking & Outreach
    Paid gigs
    House Parties
    Featured Artist slots
    Open Mics
    Day sheets sent to promoters
    8 hour maximum daily drives
    Bandturo Artist Development Package: 10% Off
    Adturo: 20% off
    Simple Tour Poster & Flier Design: 20% off Optional: Professional One Sheet ($100)
    Feature on DIYT podcast/blog

    Package Graphic

    Bandturo Tour Booking Process Rundown

  • Trash Fliers

  • $20/month

  • Unlimited events | Unlimited edits
    Limited Time

  • We created this service because we know how flakey graphic designers can be. If you're looking for professional flyer design that you can depend on, 24-48 hour turnaround time, and unlimited edits then sign up now for $20 per month. It's currently $50/month on their site. The only catch is, you have to pretty much take what you get design-wise. How fun!

  • Includes

    Complete professional flyer design for each event for your band/venue
    Unlimited events
    Unlimited edits


  • Check out for samples of what to expect.



Booking Agency Services

Booking Agency Services for Independent Artists and Musicians

  • Independent Artist Agency Services

  • $300 Setup

  • $300 Setup, $20-50%/gig

  • Designed for professional and semi-professional acts gigging more than 25x per year, now you can keep your freedom and get the support you need to make your own lane in the industry. Setup goes to one sheet and professional templates creation. Commission schedule incentivies both parties. If you aren't good at pushing merch at unpaid/donation based shows than this may not be for you. We do not find support for gigs where the booker requires it, but will hold dates and forward you the offers on your behalf. Also includes free membership to DIYT™ for help finding support. No refunds for canceled gigs. You must pay for confirmed gigs within 30 days of notice or services will be suspended. Now that that's all out of the way, let's do some business. Setup fee refunded for any Artist Development Package customers with at least three months in the program.

      Flat $20/gig for shows paying $0-$40 including free shows, open mics, house shows,a nd donation based gigs

      50% per gig for shows paying $40+

  • Includes

    Booking Agent
    One-on-one Coaching & Management
    One Sheet
    Multiple Gigs
    Multiple Markets
    One Year
    Optional Targeted 1,000+ Impression Ads for Every Gig
    Budget Analysis
    Press Blasts in All Gig Markets
    Radio Blasts in All Gig Markets
    Low Cost, Low Investment, High Return


    25+ Gigs & Offers Per Year

À la carte

Our Other Expert Record Label Services

  • Gig Booking

  • $19

  • per gig

  • Geographically Targeted Email Blasts | Professional Phone Calls to Talent Buyers | Stay Close To Route | Agent | Good For Trying Out Our services

  • Having trouble filling a date coming up? Let us use our network, process and staff to find somewhere for you to play. You're probably getting close to that date so get started soon as you can. Do you do your due diligence? Do you read all the way through things to be sure you make the best decisions possible? Did you know that right now the price of this service is actually $10 less than it actually says? Seriously. Click the button and check.

  • Guarantee: If we can't get you a gig on that date, we will send you a list of every single contact and their response to why they couldn't/didn't book you. Could actually change your career that way.

  • We only offer this when we have extra resources. At this time it is sold out.
  • Gig Ads

  • $39

  • per gig

  • Expert Graphic | Expert Ad Copy (the words) Development | Engagement Oriented Design | 2,000+ Impressions per city

  • About to head out? Want to try and get some last minute heads through the door? Giving out something cheap or free at the gig? Utilize our incredible marketing/ad department at an à la carte price: $39 per city.

  • Guarantee: Over 2,000 impressions in each city.

  • Press & Radio Blast

  • $150

  • per gig

  • Press Release Design | No Charge By The Hour | Industry Standards

  • We can't guarantee to get you publicity (SUPER VALUEABLE!), but we will try. We will contact all the press outlets in that market on your behalf and forward you any responses to act upon within an hour. The more times you reach out to press each time you play the area the more results you will see. $20 per city.

  • Print & Ship

  • $99

  • +$10 per gig

  • Simple Tour Poster Design | Print, Package, & Ship | Full Color

  • Professional tour posters designed, printed, and mailed to the venues you're playing in. Four posters per city.

  • Simple Tour Poster & Flier Design

  • $199

  • Very Professional Look & Branding | No Charge By The Hour | Industry Standards

  • Are you better at music than you are at photoshopping? Do you want to make sure your band has a polished look? First we'll get a little info from you, then we'll draft up a nice looking tour poster to share all over the internet and send to venues.

  • Guarantee: Everyone pees the bed at some point in their life.



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