Bandturo's Sponsorship Program

We believe artists should get paid. Money where our mouth is blah blah blah...

Starting this year, we're trying to sponsor as many artists, bands, and musicians as we can afford. So we've created a fund to help symbolically and minutely financially support you. Every month we're taking 10% of our profit and putting it into our ALC fund. (More on what ALC is later.) Out of that 10% we're distributing half to our sponsored artists as cash, and the other to a project voted on by our ALC committee. Even if we only make $1 in profit that month and we have 50 sponsored artists, every sponsored artist will get their penny. And at the beginning it will be far closer to a penny per month than $100/month.


How To Get Sponsored

If you have 1,000+ real followers/subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube and a genuinely good attitude you are welcome to apply. We're looking to build a community that puts positivity first, and we're creating a fund to help with that. Use the button at the bottom of the page to apply.


How The Sponsorship Works

Every month we spend money on all sorts of trinkets, gadgets, and humans to make Bandturo work and grow. Until now, more than 100% of the company's revenue went directly back into the company to help it grow. But now, we're reserving 10% to diustribute to our ALC fund--half going to our sponsored artists. Every artist gets one share of half the fund. For example, if we put $100 into the fund this month, and you're one of two sponsored artists, you'll get half of half of the fund: $25. Don't spend it all in one place.

To get sponsored, we'll review your application and internet presence and contact you if approved. You just put a link to our website in your bios. Then at the end of each month you get your sponsorship money.


What We're Looking For In Sponsored Artists

  • 1,000 plus real followers or subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube
  • Regularly posted content on at least one of these platforms
  • A generally positive, mostly-just-not-negative, attitude in your content
  • A community oriented outlook
  • Artists humble enough to be sponsored for as little as $1 per month


What You Get As A Sponsored Artist

  • One share of ALC fund
  • Option to be on ALC committee
  • One share payout of ALC fund while in good standing


Apply For Sponsorship

Use this link to apply and become part of our family: Get Sponsored



What is the ALC Committee?

The other half of the fund goes to a project. We'll put a big project to a vote (a community van for touring to lend out to customers, rent for a free studio/tourstop, conference/webinar for music career management, etc.) and if you're on the committee as part of our ALC community, you'll get a vote. This way we can help our community of independent artists more. To be on the committee, simply opt-in on the artist sponsorship form linked above and you'll be included on all the votes.


If the act of Giving You Money For No Good Reason™ isn't good enough, check out the free musician resources on our sister site DIYT™ - Do It Yourself Together