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Booking Agent Packages





Bandturo - Booking Agent Packages


All our programs are designed to deliver more value than you pay for. And they do. The bottom line is that we are the best system for booking new and up-and-coming independent artists. We are not a booking agency. There are no contracts unless you choose. There is no other label, service, or agent in the United States that does what we do for independent artists. We do not guarantee a particular amount of gigs or pay. There are too many uncertain factors (how good your music is, your web presence, your experience level, the availability of target dates in target cities, etc.) to fill your head with pies in the sky. We do guarantee that we are the best service to help artists develop their business. Our customers can convince you how valuable our packages are. Sign up today for the best results. We use the most trusted name on the internet to accept payments.

Tour Ready Checklist


Complete our Tour Ready Checklist on Google Forms to see where you stand in your music endeavors and get contacted by one of our booking professionals. It takes about three minutes.

Some basic facts: 1) For convenience and safety, all our routing has an average daily drive time of less than 8 hours between gigs (usually avg. of less than 6 hrs, we shoot for 2-4). 2) Our 2016 tour gig fill average was about 9/10 dates per tour for artists with zero touring experience. 2017 we haven't checked yet and probably won't because we've been pretty slammed. 3) We've had 250+ paying customers since July 2016, and many more that weren't paying customers, so don't hesitate to reach out for help or guidance.

Booking Agent & Music Promotion Packages


Regional Tour Package

Tour Booking Package

3 Month Minimum

Please read our Constitution before joining our community.

We book you a tour. No guarantees on anything including dates & pay. Only that we will exhaust all our resources and grant access to our entire network. Your tour will be assigned one Booking Manager and one Booking Assistant. Any dates we can't get you a gig we will look for an open mics or busking spots on your route to keep you busy and sell merch/get tips.

Want to play cities in drivable distance over and over again instead of going out on the road? Choose this one for regional booking management.

No extra commissions on any gigs that pay under $500. Must sign up at least two months in advance of planned start date, but keep in mind that most entry-level band bookings don't get booked until about a month out. Welcome to real anxiety. Happy to share it with you.

Regional Tour Package Includes

Manager Mentor
Booking Assistant
Weekly Reports
Professional One Sheet
Bandturo Booking Email Account
10% Off  DIYT™ Account
Over 2,000+ Booking Contacts
Booking Emails
Booking Phone Calls
Booking FB Messages
Minimum One Follow-up Most Contacts
Subsequent Tours Up To 50% Off

Artist Development Package

Limited Time
DIY Booking

Get the setup we use to book gigs and tours for all sorts of genres.

Fresh contact details for possible bookings in any state you request. A professional one sheet that shows off your professionalism and experience. And a customized booking email template that helps talent buyers save time and like you more for it when going through their jam-packed inboxes. All you need to do is reach out and follow-up to see what you can get. Good for the whole year.

If you can't make more than 2x your money back for this one, it's time to change your bass player.


Artist Development Package Includes

Over 2,000 Booking Contacts
Bandturo Booking Email Account (Optional)
Professional Digital and For-Print One Sheet (Press Kit)
2022 Custom Booking Email Template
Email, phone, website, & Facebook when Available
10% Off Any DIYT™ Account
Pre-Loaded Contact Checklists (Optional)

Band Website & Merch

+ $20/mo hosting & maintenance

You can pay $300 for a box of shirts and hope you guess the right amount to get for each size. And pay another $100 for shipping. And hopefully not spill anything into the merch box at shows. Or you can let us mock-up, upload, collect payment, print, and ship your entire line of band merch. For free (after initial setup). Without having to "lift a finger," as they say. Who is "they?" Not sure.

You can also pay a friend of a friend's boyfriend's girlfriend $1,000 for a website and hope it works out. Or you could let us make you a simple, shiny exhibit of your brand that puts talent buyers AND merch buyers chomping at the bit.

You can sell directly from your website. We set it all up for you at a one time cost. We send payments directly to you every month. Check out the breakdown of the profit schedule for each item sold. If you need anything designed, let us know. But you gotta pay for that. (#AllArtistsGetPaid)

Band Website & Merch Package Includes

Complete Website Design
1 Year Web Hosting
.com Band Domain
Merch Setup
On-demand printing
Payment collection
Shopping installation on website

Profit Table
$20 T-shirts - $10 profit
$25 Premium T-shirts - $10 profit
$20 Tank tops - $5 profit
$40 Hoodies - $15 profit
$20 Trucker hats - $10 profit
$20 Beanie - $5 profit
$20 Canvas tote bag - $5 profit
$20 Cell phone cases - $5 profit
$20 Coffee mugs - $5 profit
$20 12"x18" Tour/Band posters - $5 profit

Number of Merch Items

Music Promotion: Adturo

10,000+ Targeted Reach

Heavy rotation. Music promotion in the new age. When a talent buyer asks for a link to your music, they are usually checking for two things: your sound and your views. They want to make sure the sound fits and that you have fans out there vibing to your movement. When fans check your video, they want to see if their peers already like it. We've developed a process for the best music promotion to get your videos in front of people that actually want to hear your music without spamming it to people that aren't interested. Get into the triple or quadruple digits of video views with our custom music promotion service delivering your music to new, real fans.

Need to promote a big gig? Choose "Promote Show" and we'll carpet bomb the area with geotargeting and behavioral targeting to raise awareness for the gig and help sell tickets. This isn't spam. This isn't Fiver. This is quality, targeted paid ads by marketing experts.

Adturo Music Promotion Includes

Music Promotion Campaign Setup
Target Audience Development
Bonus Subscribers
Bonus Facebook/Website Traffic
Guaranteed Real Video Views
Guaranteed 10,000+ Gig Views

Show or Video

Trash Fliers

Unlimited events | Unlimited edits

We created this service because we know how flakey graphic designers can be. If you're looking for professional flyer design that you can depend on, 24-48 hour turnaround time and unlimited edits then sign up now for $200 per month. The only catch is, you have to pretty much take what you get design-wise so we can keep it moving. But you can still send back for unlimited edits so you get something good.

Trash Fliers Design Package Includes

Complete professional flyer design for each event for your band/venue
Unlimited events
Unlimited edits

Artist Content Management

6 Major Platforms

Once again, we're trying to help you focus on being an artist. Have your content managed by our experts. We will edit and publish daily content submitted by you on all major relevant platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, & Twitter. Add LinkedIn and Reddit for an additional $50.

Includes editing of up to 30 minutes of content every month. It can be little acoustic sessions, team interviews, show documentaries, and anything else that you want to share with your fans as you grow. Feel free to pepper in your one-off thoughts and photos yourself for more content, too! We'll share some of our content and our customer's content as well. Some of it will make it to our channels. After all, promoting others is the best way to promote yourself when you're just getting started. Join the gang.

Artist Content Management Includes

Content Editing
Daily Content Publishing
Distribution on 6 Major Platforms
Optional Reddit & LinkedIn (+$50)

Booking Agency Services


Independent Artist Agency Services

Independent Artist Agency Services - Bandturo

$3,000 Setup, $20-50%/gig

Designed for professional and semi-professional acts gigging more than 25x per year, now you can keep your freedom and get the support you need to make your own lane in the industry. Setup goes to one sheet and professional templates creation. Commission schedule incentivizes both parties. If you aren't good at pushing merch at unpaid/donation-based shows than this may not be for you. We do not find support for gigs where the booker requires it but will hold dates and forward you the offers on your behalf. Also includes free membership to DIYT™ for help finding support. No refunds for canceled gigs. You must pay for confirmed gigs within 30 days of notice or services will be suspended. Now that that's all out of the way, let's do some business. Setup fee refunded for any Artist Development Package customers with at least three months in the program.

Flat $20/gig for shows paying $0-$40 including free shows, open mics, house shows, and donation-based gigs

50% per gig for shows paying $40+ (negotiable)

Independent Artist Agency Services Includes

Booking Agent
One-on-one Coaching & Management
One Sheet
Multiple Gigs
Multiple Markets
One Year
Optional Targeted 1,000+ Impression Ads for Every Gig
Budget Analysis
Press Blasts in All Gig Markets
Radio Blasts in All Gig Markets
Low Cost, Low Investment, High Return

25+ Gigs & Offers Per Year