Bandturo's National Independent Music Circuit


  • Absolutely zero cost for venues/promoters/talent buyers forever
  • Free 2,000+ impressions yearly paid advertising from our ad team
  • Qualified, coached, & hungry young acts sent to your booking inbox
  • Optional periodical newsletters to help grow your following
  • We pay you if our artists don't show--even if the van broke down
  • Big honorary certificate of participation to show-off your support for the independent arts
  • Recoup your house costs (up to $100) from door before payout/split




To participate, you must agree to our simple qualifications:

1) Accept acts of ALL genres
2) Accept ALL booking date requests from our qualified artists (it won't be much at first, and we understand if a date simply can not work--but please try your best. We reserve the right to end your complimentary membership at any time.)
3) Offer minimum guarantee of $20 before door to our act to help for gas, in the event the show busts
4) Offer some sort of hospitality to our out of town acts (sandwich/small tab etc.)


Join for free

Bandturo - BIG LABEL™ has a "one strike" policy to protect the artists and all other participating venues/organizations. Evidence of non-compliance without permission from us will result in immediate revocation of your participating BIG LABEL™ status.