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Renegade Festival Tour

4 tours of 100+ tour dates for $10,000. We're in charge.

What if you could hit the open road and play on it at the same time?  We have spent our lives as booking agents, working with every venue on the spectrum to produce quality events.  Maybe we're getting jaded, maybe we're hitting a stride but we want to bring music to the streets and produce a whole tour of non-traditional spaces.  Our brand is well versed in the revolutionary, when we say something is going to be successful we have a track record to prove it.  Be a part of the next wave of booking, get weird.

The Work: Four 2-4 week runs in the continental US in conventional and non-traditional spaces.
The Results: Market history with hard ticket sales to take to the label(s) or agency(s) that you want to work with.

The bus is leaving. Are you in or out?

$5,000 now, $5,000 due 30 days after deposit
You cover your own food, travel, and lodging.
We will use your money to book whatever possible, produce promotional assets, and keep the train rolling. The first $5,000 is non-refundable (you can't hold someone else's spot), but can be applied to any Bandturo presents departing a year within your deposit date.
Spring Season
Vacation Season
School Season
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Tour Route
Tour Management
Supporting Acts
Produce Content
Poster & Flyer Design

Poster & Flyers Printed
Press Campaigns for Each Stop
In-house Sponsors
Share of our Merch Sales
Share of our Tips
Share of any earned Fees

Keep Your Own Merch Sales & Tips (Obv)

G'rilla Tour - Renegade Festival Tour