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We're touring the country with workshops to help with creators and the local music/art scene at large--getting decision makers in the same room at the same time, showing people how we're successfully putting together our events and promoting them ourselves.

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When your workshop is finished, you will have the certainty to make decisions to quickly grow the culture in your communities in truly meaningful and sustainable ways. You’ll also leave with a bundle of professional resources to equip you with new tools to build great things.

We're focusing the next several months on building and helping scenes to send more creatives/performers. For example, sometimes there are grants that talent buyers/promoters can use locally to fill venues with new types of acts that serve more circles of people in the community. A lot of times we are connecting people across the country with money, audiences, skills, and gigs for seriously long-term, lucrative relationships. We're bringing experience/success, updated resources and contacts, hand-to-hand skills to meaningfully promote goals together, and the reason (and way) for everyone to start communicating better.

Typically, municipalities are an easier sell because they have built in audiences and people on the ground to round up different corners of the community. Often times, talent buyers and venue owners/managers can activate their community as well. A nationally touring workshop tends to be a good sell in the right markets for them. Essentially, we try to solve the problem of DIY (nobody actually doing anything) evolving to semi-professional/professional. It takes discipline, management, and other things not very interesting to most in the field, but we bring the sizzle of a real agency and events company to trick people (give them the confidence and access to info) into building great stuff together.

Select your date: $10,000
Route with our tour dates: $3,000

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