Bandturo is an affordable gig booking service for artists at any level. It is based on a process developed over a decade of independent touring experience. We believe that all artists should be able to make a living from their craft, and we launched Bandturo to help empower artists to do it.

All of our gig booking services and music promotion packages pay for themselves in both time and money. We help you from start to finish to help make sure you have access to the know-how to succeed in your own way. For our larger packages, we only charge a one-time fee to set-up your one-sheet, high impact press kit, email campaigns, and route skeleton. All of these are free to take with you and use in the future, even if you decide to not continue booking gigs through us.

Everything you make at the show (merch, CDs, stickers sales) is for you to keep. We do not charge additional fees--what you see on the Booking Agent Packages page is what you get. Actually, we tend to deliver you a bit more than we promise because we think it's good for business and good for the industry. We want you to make money doing what you love. Once set-up and booking's complete, you are free to reap all the benefits of your hard work and creativity.

Our goal is to make a massive impact on the amount of music that is put into this world during our lives by creating more professional artists making a living off of music. We're confident that you won't find more guarantees in this business of music anywhere else.