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The bottom line is that are the best system for booking new and up-and-coming independent artists. We are not a booking agency. There are no contracts. There is no other label, service, or agent in the Unites States that does what we do for independent artists. We do not guarantee a particular amount of gigs or pay. There are too many uncertain factors (how good your music is, your web presence, your experience level, the availability of target dates in target cities, etc.) to fill your head with pies in the sky. We do guarantee that we are the best service to help artists develop their business. Our customers can convince you how valuable our packages are. Sign up today for best results. We use the most trusted name on the internet to accept payments.


Artists billing $1000+/gig email for discount advances.


Some basic facts: 1) For convenience and safety, all our routing has an average daily drive time of less than 8 hours between gigs (usually avg. of less than 6 hrs, we shoot for 2-4). 2) Our 2016 tour gig fill average was about 9/10 dates per tour. 3) Our customer reviews are 100% five star ratings. 4) Our return on investment for most customers is 2:1, meaning for every $100 spent on our services your return is around $300.


Music Booking Agent Packages

Professional Gig Booking Agents for Independent Artists and Musicians

  • Regional Tour Package

  • $50-30/gig

  • +$99 Setups
    1, 2, or 3 Fourteen Day Tours

  • You advance us the setup costs and our team goes to work getting you gigs. Great for first tours. Great for new acts. Great for building up your fanbase. The price goes down $10/gig for every tour you add to this package. We refund the gig price for any dates we can't fill. Limited time.


  • Includes

    Booking Agent
    Artist One Sheet
    Tour Routing with 10-Hour Drive Max
    Budget Analysis
    Multiple Booking Email Blasts
    Good Old-Fashioned Phone Calls to Venues and Talent Buyers


  • Guarantee: We refund the gig price for every tour date that we can't get booked for you.

  • Number of Tours
  • Artist Development Package

  • $149/mo

  • 12 Months
    Limited time: Includes crowdfunding campaign setup

  • You should be making at least $300+ per gig. You should be seeing the country. A full time manager alone would cost $1,600/mo if you only paid them $10/hr. Are you starting to see the value yet?

  • Includes

    Booking Agent
    One-on-one Coaching & Management
    One Sheet
    Multiple Gigs
    Multiple Markets
    One Year
    2,000+ Impression Ads for Every Gig
    Budget Analysis
    Press Blasts in All Gig Markets
    Radio Blasts in All Gig Markets
    Band Tshirts
    Band Stickers
    Crowdfunding Campaign Setup
    Low Cost, Low Investment, High Return


    Month 1) Professional Website
    Month 2) One Sheet, Market 1 Booking, Press Release 1 (National), Announcement on social media, Gig poster design, print and ship
    Month 3) Paid Promo Market 1, Press Release 2 (Regional), Market 2 Booking
    Month 4) Press Release 3 (Regional, Hook), Paid Promo Market 2, Market 1 Silence
    Month 5) Crowdfunding Campaign Setup, Market 1 Booking, Market 2 Silence
    Month 6) Paid Promo Market 1, Begin Booking Tour, Market 2 Booking
    Month 7) Tour Booking Round 2, Paid Promo Market 2
    Month 8) Tour Booking Round 3, Merch Design Production & Delivery
    Month 9) Tour Booking Round 4, National Digital Album Distribution/Digital Album Paid Promo(Website for album sales and email list growth)
    Month 10) Tour Booking Round 5, Press and Radio Release in Tour Markets, Tour Posters
    Month 11) Tour Booking Round 6, Press and Radio Release in Tour Markets, Tour Posters, Social Media Spread
    Month 12) Tour, Bandturo One Year Anniversary Token

  • Get Started for Bandturo Artist Development Package sign-up takes you to sister company DIYT site to complete transaction.

    (Do not be alarmed. It's still us.)

  • AdTuro

  • $2,499

  • Up to 31 day route; Paper, press, and paid ads

  • For less then $100 per gig you get an entire promotions team pushing you through social, paid advertising, press releases, radio blasting, and print.

  • Includes

    Professional Marquee Bandturo Promotions Email Address
    2,000+ Impression Targeted Paid Advertisements For Every Gig
    Press Blasts in All Gig Markets
    Radio Blasts in All Gig Markets
    Multiple Email Blasts
    Tour Poster Design
    Social Media Event Pages
    Printing & Shipping Tour Posters to Each Gig


    • Spotlight Tour

    • $449

    • 10-14 Days
      Limited time: Includes 500 Vinyl Band Stickers

    • Must have acoustic set. We map out an open mic night tour and call them all to verify. Next we reach out to our network to replace as many of the open mic gigs with paid gigs as possible. Have your merch, fan email list, and booking contacts book ready to capitalize on this trip. No off days.

    • Includes

      Booking Agent
      One-on-one Coaching & Management
      One Sheet
      Multiple Gigs
      Multiple Markets
      500 Vinyl Band Stickers
      Low Cost
      Discount Available for Multiple Tours

    • You may add an additional 500 vinyl stickers (1,000 total) for $100

      (Do it.)

    À la carte

    Our Other Expert Record Label Services

    • Single Gig Booking

    • $29

    • per gig

    • Geographically Targeted Email Blasts | Professional Phone Calls to Talent Buyers | Stay Close To Route | Agent | Good For Trying Out Our services

    • Having trouble filling a date coming up? Let us use our network, process and staff to find somewhere for you to play. You're probably getting close to that date so get started soon as you can. Do you do your due diligence? Do you read all the way through things to be sure you make the best decisions possible? Did you know that right now the price of this service is actually $10 less than it actually says? Seriously. Click the button and check.

    • Guarantee: If we can't get you a gig on that date, we will send you a list of every single contact and their response to why they couldn't/didn't book you. Could actually change your career that way.

    • Temporarily Sold Out - Email us for some free help instead:
    • Gig Ads

    • $39

    • per gig

    • Expert Graphic | Expert Ad Copy (the words) Development | Engagement Oriented Design | 2,000+ Impressions per city

    • About to head out? Want to try and get some last minute heads through the door? Giving out something cheap or free at the gig? Utilize our incredible marketing/ad department at an à la carte price: $39 per city.

    • Guarantee: Over 2,000 impressions in each city.

    • Press & Radio Blast

    • $20

    • per gig

    • Press Release Design | No Charge By The Hour | Industry Standards

    • We can't guarantee to get you publicity (SUPER VALUEABLE!), but we will try. We will contact all the press outlets in that market on your behalf and forward you any responses to act upon within an hour. The more times you reach out to press each time you play the area the more results you will see. $20 per city.

    • Print & Ship

    • $99

    • +$10 per gig

    • Simple Tour Poster Design | Print, Package, & Ship | Full Color

    • Professional tour posters designed, printed, and mailed to the venues you're playing in. Four posters per city.

    • Keylock Scrolls

    • $999

    • National Music Venue Database | College & University Database | Press Outlet Database | Only Shipped Privately Via Password-Protected USB (Allow up to four weeks for delivery)

    • So much power in the wrong hands could topple the archaic, greedy music industry as it currently stands...

    • Guarantee: There are no guarantees in this life.

    • Simple Tour Poster & Flier Design

    • $199

    • Very Professional Look & Branding | No Charge By The Hour | Industry Standards

    • Are you better at music than you are at photoshopping? Do you want to make sure your band has a polished look? First we'll get a little info from you, then we'll draft up a nice looking tour poster to share all over the internet and send to venues.

    • Guarantee: Everyone pees the bed at some point in their life.



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