From NYC to LA.
From getting paid $20 per gig to $300.

I toured my music from Florida to Seattle, then Florida to NYC this year. And my music sucks.

Bandturo is an affordable gig booking service for artists at any level. It is based on a process developed over a decade of independent touring experience. We believe that all artists should be able to make a living from their craft, and we launched Bandturo to help empower artists to do it. We are the closest thing you can get to a guarantee in the music business, and we actually deliver more often than many others "guarantee." Choose one from these thoughtfully crafted, value-packed packages that fits your needs.

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We are now offerring our Regional Tour Package as a pay-per-gig service.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Low cost, unlimited gigs
  • Invented, owned, and operated by artists
  • Agency and label level services but without the contracts
  • No hidden costs, monthly fees, or extra commissions
  • Earn more per gig
  • Future access to our start-up BIG LABEL™ network
  • You keep all merch sales
  • Guaranteed shows

Professional Services from $29 - $2,499

Introducing: The Artist Development Package $149/mo

Our customers take their craft seriously, but don't take themselves or life too seriously. They value experience as much as they value money--if not more so. You're in the trenches of the music industry and still always willing to extend a helping hand to each other. This is why we design gig booking packages that pay for themselves.


All new, all inclusive professional gig booking set-up with no contracts:

-Paid Gigs
-Artist Website(example pricing)
-Professional One Sheet (example pricing) & Press Kit
-Touring Route (example pricing) and Budget Analysis
-Marquee Booking Email Account And Mentor Booking Agent
-Professional Email Campaign Set Up & Thousands of Booking Emails (unlimited) With Scheduled Follow-Ups
-Gig Offers Forwarded Directly To Your Inbox
-Booking Campaign Enriched Contacts Results (List of people interested in booking you in the future)
-Press Release And Radio Release Email Blast In All Markets Included
-Crowdfunding Campaign Set Up Included
-Professional, Highly Targeted 2,000+ Social Media Ads For Each Gig ($500+ Value) Included
-Band Merch: Tshirts, Stickers, Posters
-Low Cost, Low Investment

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Or for a limited time you can sign up for DIYT™ - Do It Yourself Together for just $1.99/mo and book your own gigs.



Bandturo is the automatic gig booking system. We lay the groundwork for your tours. Save months worth of booking and paper pushing time with our super-stacked process and national industry network.